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Customized HR Services Tailored As Per Your Needs

MAS Groupe provides personalized and customized HR Management solutions to businesses, as well as, households. Varying from industries to different sectors, we help brands grow and sustain in the competitive environment, unlocking the door towards excellence. Ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and achievable results, we promise to support your needs by every means. With us, transform your business, internally and externally, with prominence.

Our valuable HR Management service portfolio comprises the following services that can ease your worries and apprehensions professionally.
UAE Employment/Residency Visa, UAE Work Permit, CICPA Card Onshore, Optimal Card Offshore, ICV Certificate, Payroll Management, HR Consultancy Services, UAE Emiratisation Program, UAE pension.

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Visa and Labour Work Management

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There are several types and kinds of visas and requirements for the UAE. Each visa is different from the other one depending upon the purpose of the visit to the Emirates.

If you are applying for the following visas, our team of professionals can help you!

  • Business Visa
  • Remote Work / Freelance Visa

There is only one Work Permit. However, to attain a Labor Visa, you need the following:

  • Entry Visa
  • Residence Visa
  • Emirates ID Card

MAS Group can help in sorting out each stage professionally.

Visa & Licensing Services

MAS Group has direct access to all the necessary governmental departments, ministries, and technical experts from each department. We promise to streamline your business setup and ensure support and administration throughout.

Get the right job done by the right professionals and experts. Our visa and licensing services encompass:

Individual & Visa Processing

At MAS Group, we are providing the following services for individual and visa processing concerns:

  • Employment, residency.
  • Visa processing to its renewal and cancellation.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamping certificates..
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  • Emirates ID Card requirements and form completion.
  • Ministry of Labor’s application for refunds of bank guarantees.
  • Immigration department deposits refunds.

PRO Services

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We are proud to provide reliable, pragmatic, and economical services to SMEs, enterprises, and large corporations. MAS Group has a professional relationship with essential governmental bodies. Along with them, we are offering our esteemed clients flawless services with an efficient process for visa requirements.

Our proficient team members make sure the client remains fully informed. From the initial point to the final phase, we provide transparent services with honest dealings. We have effective services all over Emirates, complying with the rules and regulations of the country.

Whether you are setting up a new company as an entrepreneur or establishing a branch office, MAS Group is here to guide you through each phase and process. Our specialists provide specialized and tailored services as per your business needs. We are here to assist your business in achieving optimum results without the pressures of visa concerns.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is hectic, especially when you have to comply with the Ministry of Labor in the UAE. To ease the process, our experts will guide you through hassle-free payroll management.

Our professionals are well-versed with payroll calculation and can help your team to process employee salaries seamlessly. Be your own boss! Manage your payroll on per hour basis, or monthly basis. We got you covered!

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Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) security passes are essential in Emirates. These allow access to restricted sites, fields, and ports. Without genuine and correct CICPA, access gets forbidden to such areas.

Our team of reliable professionals can help you make CICPA security cards in a hassle-free way. These experts know how to apply for these security passes individually for you!

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Optima card offshore

Related to the oil and gas field? Then you need an Optima Card for it!

Offshore Personal Travel Information Management System (OPTIMA) helps all the companies related to the Oil & Gas sector on track. Therefore, it is an essential card for people related to such an industry.

From documentation to the final paperwork, our team of experts will guide you to attain your Optima card with ease.

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Why MAS Group?

We are here to help and cause a difference! MAS Group believes in reaching out to every business with a unique strategy and tactics, catering to their needs and wants.

Customized Solutions

MAS Group follows all the recent breakthroughs in the Human Resource sector and keeps innovating itself. We comply with HR best practices and provide customized solutions to our customers, across multiple industries.

Full-Fledged Coverage

It is our vision to be a trustable business process HR management service provider across Emirates and beyond. We are striving for excellence by providing dependable HR services, and managing the business flow professionally.

Hands-On Approach

Our team of professionals and experts are industry leaders with an avid interest in making the business process easier. Using a hands-on approach, our team promised tailored solutions, resolving every concern cost-effectively.

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